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Open your deposit account with VI’s most accessible Bank.

The VI’s most accessible bank is always there for you like a welcoming neighbor. Open your deposit account and you could even win a free trip!

All you need to do is make an appointment now; we’ll make it easy!

Just call 340.775.8822

This is why you should open your Savings or Checking account with us:

  • Most accessible locations in VI with 10 branches and 25 ATMs

  • Longest service hours

  • Online Banking with PopMoney feature 1

  • No minimum opening balance + waiving of minimum balance service charges for 6 months 2

Open your deposit account for a chance to win a trip to either St. Thomas or St. Croix with a 2-night stay at an exclusive resort + $1,000 for expenses! 3

Open before 09/26/2017 to enter.