Activate Your New FirstBank Mastercard Debit Card

Your Banco Santander Puerto Rico deposit account was integrated into FirstBank, effective on Monday, July 12, 2021. As part of this process, you will receive your new FirstBank Mastercard debit card as a replacement for your Santander Express Mastercard.

Your new card

  • Must be activated immediately, since your Santander card will be cancelled at any time from the date indicated in the letter you should have received along with your new card.
  • Activate your new card and select your personal identification number (PIN) by calling the number listed on the attached label.
  • Once activated, you may start using your card.

Update your recurring and online payments with the information on your new card

  • If you have automatic or recurring payments with your Santander Express Mastercard, make sure to update the card number (if applicable), expiration date, and/or security code (CVV) to avoid interruptions in your payments.
  • You should also update your new card number (if applicable), expiration date, and/or security code (CVV) on any website where you have your card registered for online purchases.

If you are an active user of ATH Móvil1

  • If your card number changed, you will need to add it to your ATH Móvil profile. If your Santander card was designated as the "primary card," make sure to designate your new card as "primary." After adding your new card, delete your Santander Express Mastercard from your profile.
  • If your card number is the same, and only the expiration date changed, you just need to select your card and update the expiration date.

Benefits of your new FirstBank Mastercard

  • Avoid using cash when you make your purchases.
  • It is accepted in Puerto Rico and worldwide at ATMs and stores participating in the Mastercard and ATH® networks.
  • Withdraw cash at more than 490 ATMs around Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Florida, free of charge for our customers.

If you have any questions, call us at 787-725-2511 or visit any of our branches.