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We know you may have questions about Digital Banking. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need more information, remember you may contact one of our experts.

Migration/ Enrollment

What is Digital Banking?

Digital Banking is the new Internet and Mobile Banking service from FirstBank. This new platform allows you to see all of your FirstBank accounts or products under one same platform. The new service is bilingual and features more functionalities, services and greater security. In addition, provides the same unique experience from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Digital Banking also features a new mobile app, which you can download from the App Store for iPhones and in Google Play Store for Android mobile devices.

How do I log into Digital Banking?

You can log into Digital Banking through the online services section in 1firstbank.com or directly visiting digitalbanking.1firstbank.com

What are the advantages of Digital Banking?

  • Bilingual platform
  • Provides the same experience in all your devices.
  • The mobile app allows easy and secure access through Touch ID or Face ID in mobile devices that have this feature.
  • You can deposit checks from your mobile device with Depósito Expreso Móvil.
  • You may transfer money between your accounts and other FirstBank accounts.
  • You may pay your loans with your FirstBank accounts or with accounts from other financial institutions in Puerto Rico and the United States.
  • You can pay bills from over 2,000 businesses with your FirstBank accounts.
  • You can manage your budget and check your income and expenses with My Finances module.
  • You can receive balance and transaction alerts and notifications through your email and mobile phone.
  • You can enjoy additional services for your accounts, including travel notifications, credit card cancellations and stop payments on checks.

Does Digital banking have a mobile app?

Yes. Once registered in digitalbanking.firstbank.com, you can download the Digital Banking app in the App Store or in Google Play. Access your information with Digital Banking's username and password.


How secure is the Digital Banking platform?

Digital Banking features three security settings to secure your information:

  • Security image
  • Question and secret answer
  • 4-digit PIN

You will also be able to access your information through the mobile app with Touch ID or Face ID in devices that support such technology.

You will receive native security alerts to notify you about account activity or changes made to your personal information.

For your peace of mind and security, each transfer to another person will have to be validated by entering a temporary transfer's code.

How do I configure Face ID or Touch ID access to the Digital Banking app?

Visit the settings section on the left side menu of the mobile app, press Other Settings and slide the Log in with Face ID option.


What type of payments can I make in Digital Banking?

The platform offers two types of payments:

  • Bill payments- You can issue bill payments using your FirstBank checking accounts.
  • Loan payments- You can issue loan payments with your FirstBank checking or savings accounts or with accounts of other financial institutions in Puerto Rico or the United States.

How do I add new payees for bill payments in Digital Banking?

Adding new payees is easy through digitalbanking.1firstbank.com. To add new payees, visit the Payment section to download step-by-step instructions or watch a demonstration video that describes this process.

How quickly will payments to payees be processed?

Payments issued before 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday will be debited and processed on the same day. Payments issued after 5 p.m. or during the weekend will be processed the next business day.

What type of loans can I pay through Digital Banking?

With Digital Banking, you may pay the following loans from FirstBank or other financial institutions in Puerto Rico or the United States:

  • Auto/leasing
  • Mortgages
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards (through Bill Payment)
  • Reserve line of credit

Can I pay off a loan using Digital Banking?

In order to pay off your loan, you must contact FirstLine Solutions at 787.725.2511 or toll-free at 1.866.695.2511.

Can I issue a payment to a FirstBank loan with an external bank account?

Yes. You can issue a payment to any FirstBank loan with accounts from other banks in Puerto Rico and United States. These accounts must first be registered in digitalbanking.1firstbank.com

How quickly will loan payments be processed in Digital Banking?

Payments issued from your FirstBank accounts before 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday will be debited and processed on the same day. Payments issued after 5 p.m. or during the weekend will be processed the next business day.

Payments made using accounts from other banks will be processed the same day if issued before 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and will be debited to your account in 3 to 5 business days.

Can I set up recurrent payments in Digital Banking?

Yes. You can set up recurrent payments of bills and loans though digitalbanking.1firstbank.com

How do I know if the payment was processed or declined?

You will receive notification through email including date, amount, account to be payed, and confirmation number. You may also view your payment status in the history section of Digital Banking.


What type of transfers can I make in Digital Banking?

Digital Banking allows you to make two types of transfers: between your own accounts and to other FirstBank accounts.
Soon you will be able to transfer money to external accounts.

How do I issue a transfer in Digital Banking?

Visit the Transfers section to download step-by-step instructions or watch a demonstration video that describes this process.

What is the "code" that the platform requests to confirm a transfer?

For added security, a unique 5-characters code is sent to your registered email address in Digital Banking to validate that you have requested a transfer to another account before processing the transaction. This code will be required for each transfer to other accounts (not between your own accounts). To receive the code in your email, you must press on "request code". Once you receive the code, you must enter it in the space provided and press “accept” to complete the transaction. You can copy and paste the code.

This code will have an expiration period of 5 minutes, after this period, the code will no longer be valid and you will have to request a new code. Each time a new code is requested, the previously issued access code will expire automatically.

How do I add other FirstBank accounts for issuing transfers?

Log into digitalbanking.1firstbank.com and click on the Transfers between other accounts section. In ìTransfer ìToî press ìOtherî and complete the required fields.

Please note that you will only be able to add other FirstBank accounts for credit purposes; you may not debit from these accounts.

Can I set up recurrent transfers?

Yes. You can set up recurrent transfers through digitalbanking.1firstbank.com in the Transfer section.

Will I be charged a fee to transfer money to other FirstBank accounts?

No. You can transfer money to other FirstBank accounts free of charge.


How can I deposit a check using my mobile device?

Making deposits through Digital Banking is easy. First, you will need to download the Digital Banking mobile app in App Store or Google Play. Visit the Deposit section to download step-by-step instructions or watch a demonstration video that explains the deposit process.

Which accounts are eligible for this service?

Individual checking accounts are eligible to deposit via your mobile device.

To find out whether your account is eligible, contact us at 787.725.2511 or toll-free at 1.866.695.2511.

How do I know whether the deposit was processed, approved, or denied?

You will receive an email notification once your deposit is received, processed, approved, or declined.

When will the deposit be effective?

Deposits will be available once it is validated and accepted by FirstBank. Any deposit made before 7 p.m. during a business day will be processed on the same day. This is subject to deposit verification and validation.

Is there a deposit limit per day?

There is a limit of $3,500 per check per day and $10,000 total per month. The monthly cycle begins 25 business days after the date of the last deposit made through this service.

The service is available on which devices?

The service is available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Manage your accounts

What type of accounts will be available in Digital Banking?

You will be able to automatically see all your open accounts with FirstBank. These accounts include checking, savings, mortgage loans, auto loans, leases, personal loans, credit and reserve lines, IRAs and CDs, among others. You will soon be able to see your credit card products in Digital Banking.

What services can I request through Digital Banking?

You will be able to activate, view history and download your e-statements from the past 18 months, as well as view and download images of processed checks.

In the Account Services section you may request a copy of your checks and your account statements, redeem Bonus points, and travel notifications; you can authorize FirstBank to contact you, request certifications of checking or savings accounts, order checkbooks, cancel or replace debit cards, and/or stop payment on a check.

Do these services have a cost?

  • Copies of processed checks for Puerto Rico customers will have a cost of $8 per page.
  • You may download copies online of your statements for the last 18 months. Paper copies for Puerto Rico customers have a cost of $8 per page.
  • Each check cancellation will have a fee of $15, which will be debited from your account automatically. This will not be available for commercial accounts. Cancellations are valid for 180 days.
  • Card replacement has a cost of $6.

How far in advance should I notify my travel plans through the new service?

You should make the request 7 to 10 business days in advance.

When will I receive checking and savings account certifications?

You will receive checking and savings account certification in 10 business days.

E-statements and Notifications

What type of notifications can I set up in Digital Banking?

You will be able to schedule account balance, account activity, and e-statement notifications.

What type of alerts will I receive from Digital Banking?

You will receive security alerts for failed sign-in attempts, when your account is open in two different devices (duplicate sessions), and alerts when you make changes in your security settings.

How do I program my notifications?

Programming notifications is easy. Visit the Notifications and alerts section to download step-by-step instructions or watch a demonstration video that describes this process.

Can I set up the frequency and the parameters for receiving these notifications?

Yes. You will be able to define the notifications and alerts for your accounts. For account balance, you can program receiving the notification based on any balance you may have or when the balance is higher or lower than a certain amount. Similarly, you will be able to set up the frequency in which you wish to receive the notification.

Where will I receive these alerts and notifications?

You may choose to receive them through email and/or as push notifications to your mobile device. These notifications will be in the language you configure your service.

Personal Configurations

What type of configurations can be done in Digital Banking?

You will be able to make changes in your password, secret question, PIN and security image. Additionally, you may select your language of preference. To make additional changes to your personal information, please contact our customer service center.

Where can I change the language in Digital Banking?

You can select either Spanish or English as your language of preference for Digital Banking. In order to change the language, you will have to go to the services Home Page or the Personal Configurations module. When you make the change, the platform language will change automatically to the one selected and you will receive all your notifications in that language.

Manage your budget

Once I categorize a transaction in the My Finances module, will the system recognize such transaction in the future and categorize it automatically?

You will have to categorize the transaction again as the service does not saves manual categorizations.

Since when will I be able to see the history of my categorized transactions?

You will be able to see the history of your categorized transactions 45 days prior to service activation. The service will accumulate 12 months of transactions history.

Will the service save my budget history under the My budget section?

Yes, your budget history will be saved for upcoming months.

Enjoy all the innovation Digital Banking has to offer.

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