Asset-Based Lending

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Commercial Banking Financing Assets-based lending

​​​​​​​​Foster the financial growth of your business.

If your organization has unique financial characteristics out of the reach of traditional lenders, this can be an alternative to consider. This provides immediate funding based on a percentage of your company’s assets. Asset-based lending allows you to obtain more credit flexibility and benefits, such as:

  • Interest payments only over retired funds

  • Loans are guaranteed by accounts receivables, inventory, equipment and company property

  • Financial plan designed to target your needs through specialized monitoring of credit and collateral

Consider an Asset-Based Loan when:

  • Real estate collateral is not available

  • You have high quality inventory and a portfolio of accounts receivables

  • You are a seasonal business

  • Entering into mergers or corporate acquisitions

  • Restructuring a company

  • There are opportunities for growth

  • Working capital is reduced

  • You are in a specialized industry

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Subject to credit approval.

Subject to credit approval.