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​​​​​Take care of the transportation for your business.​

Our corporate lease program allows you to run your business with efficiency and agility with a solid transportation infrastructure.​

Apply now and get the following benefits:

  • An account executive assigned to your business to personally tend and manage the individual needs of your corporate fleet.

  • Your company can rent any type of vehicle or truck without tying up your working capital and/or savings.

  • Immediate delivery of selected units.

  • Fixed payments previously negotiated and adjusted to your needs during the term of the lease.

  • Preferential interest rates in the purchase or renewal of your lease and flexibility of terms and residuals.

  • Only one simple monthly invoice with complete details of all the vehicles leased under the program.

  • Processing of the renewal of your vehicle inspection certificate.

  • Counseling in the disposal​ of the vehicles at the end of your lease.

  • Your business can select the insurance policy with your agent of preference, or if needed, we can provide you with alternatives.

  • The chance of negotiating a better price at the time of acquiring a new vehicle, thanks to our established relationships with an assortment of dealers and distributors in Puerto Rico.

  • Specialized service and direct access to our great variety of banking products and services at any of our branches.

​Call Us 787-729-8258

Subject to credit approval. Only for residents of Puerto Rico.

Subject to credit approval. Only for residents of Puerto Rico.