Structured Financing

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Commercial Banking Financing Structured financing

​​​​​​​​Tailored solutions for you.​​

Our team of experienced corporate banking professionals will work with you in structuring the best financing solution to meet the needs of your business. We cover short and long term financial needs with a variety of financing solutions, such as:

Commercial & Industrial Loans
Based primarily on your business'​ financial statements and business plan, we work with you in structuring term financing alternatives for purposes such as acquisitions, capital expenditures and lines of credit for working capital, among others.

Project Financing
We can help you structure interim financing during the construction phase of a project and manage its conversion into a permanent financing structure after construction is complete.​

Financial Advisory Services
We can help you maximize access to non-traditional sources of capital such as mezzanine financing, venture capital and private equity.​​​​

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​Subject to credit approval.​​

Subject to credit approval.​​​