ATH Móvil Business

Make your clients’ lives easier with ATH Móvil Business

Receive payments from your clients anytime, anywhere. The new ATH Móvil Business has been optimized for your business’s success and convenience. Payment methods should not be a reason to lose clients. Provide them with added convenience with ATH Móvil Business.

Learn more about the benefits for your business:

Unique Username

You will be able to create a pATH (unique username) to help your clients find you easily without needing to give out your personal phone number.


When using our services, your information is protected to avoid unauthorized transactions. You may also access the service with your fingerprint.

Low Service Fees

You can receive payments instantly for the low fee of 2.25% of the transaction amount. Minimum fee is $0.06.

Transaction Limits

You will be able to receive up to $10,000 per day. You may receive up to $1,500 a day from each customer.


Our platform provides your clients with a quick and user-friendly reimbursement process.

Transaction Reports

Save time and streamline your operations by easily accessing your business sales and transaction reports.  

Easy Business Sign-up:


Step 1

Click on the sign up button in the ATH Móvil Business home screen.


Step 2

Select whether you have a personal ATH Móvil account (if you select “Yes”, you will be required to log in with the information for your individual ATH Móvil account).


Step 3

Enter the information for your business and its owners.


Step 4

Validate your account with the 6-digit code you will receive by email


Step 5

Validate your account with the 6-digit code you will receive by email.


Step 6

Create a pATH (unique username) for your business.


Step 7

Set up a password.


Step 8

Select and answer three security questions.


Step 9

Fill out the required information.


Step 10

And you’re done! You have registered your business with ATH Móvil Business.

Easy, secure, and instant. FREE ATH Móvil Business download.

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