Balance and Transaction Report

Obtain access 24/7 to information on your accounts and transactions in real time or up to 12 months of transaction history available by downloading a file in BAI2, CVS, Quicken, QuickBooks1, or PDF formats. In addition, you can access your account statements and the Account Analysis statement for more control of your monthly transaction activity.


  • Enables you to always maintain visibility of your account
  • Facilitates your information retention process while providing you with different options to save the reports
  • Facilitates the banking reconciliation process as it can download the report in different formats and upload them to your accounting system

Account Statements

Access 12 months of bank statement history online and download each statement in PDF format at your convenience.


  • Access your bank statement history 24/7 up to the most recent 12 months
  • Access to images of paid checks

Bank Reconciliation

With the Account Reconciliation service, you will have the ability to automatically integrate your bank activity with your accounting system to compare on a daily basis your list of issued checks against those that were posted in the account.

There are three types of bank reconciliation:

  1. Full Account Reconciliation: The company's users can manually introduce the issued checks or import them in files before the last day of the reconciliation cycle. This list is automatically compared with the elements posted in the account. The company's users will receive account statements and reports that itemize the paid, pending, and exception elements.
  2. Partial Reconciliation: the company's users receive an account statement for each reconciliation cycle that indicates the total activity of said period.
  3. Deposit Reconciliation: the deposits are reconciled, grouped, and totalized in a list posted at the close of the cycle.


  • Allows greater control of your banking activity
  • Facilitates identification of potential fraud, irregularities, or errors when matching your issued checks against the checks posted in the account

Disbursement Control

Receive daily notices until 11:00AM of the checks presented for collection through the Clearing House, pending for process at the close of the business day. With this service, you will be able to anticipate potential overdrafts or excess funds in your accounts for the next day and it will help you effectively manage your liquidity position.


  • Daily notice of checks when processed
  • Efficient management of your funds
  • Maximization of your investment opportunities

DVD-ROM Image & Image Search Service

DVD-ROM allows you to save and immediately access the information you need about your checks. This service helps your company to function with higher productivity in the handling of paid checks. Receive a monthly DVD-ROM with paid checks and a PDF of your account statement.

You also have the option to search and download electronically up to 12 months of image history of checks, deposits, credits, and /or debits in your account with the Images Search service.


  • Up to 25,000 paid checks in a DVD-ROM with images of both sides of your checks
  • Easy and quick access to transaction images

Transfers Between Accounts

Transfer money between your accounts at any time.

Transferring cash between your accounts is now easier and done in real time. Just by selecting the accounts and the balance to transfer, you may send it instantly and receive immediate confirmation of the transaction.


  • You will receive confirmation once the transaction is completed
  • Ability to manage high volume of transfers
  • Monitor transfers in real time
  • Ability to manage high volume of transfers

Wire Transfers

Make money transfers without border limits.

Simplify the process of sending money abroad with the wire transfer service, which will allow you to send money instantly to accounts in U.S. territories or abroad. This service allows you to generate transfers instantly in a quick and easy way.


  • Domestic transfers effective almost immediately
  • International transfer with foreign currency exchange, such as the Euro, Peso Mexicano, and Australian Dollar, among others
  • Transaction history for 12 months
  • You can set approval levels
  • Notices when the transaction is completed or received.

Stop Payments

Keep control of the checks you pay.

Process payment cancellation orders of your checks issued in your checking accounts and at any time. Just by making a few clicks, you may issue a stop payment of one or several checks, as well as cancel the stop payment through the same platform. You will receive confirmation once the process has been completed.


  • Immediately and easily received3
  • Keep a record of all the stop payments made online
  • Eliminates the risk of manual processes and delays
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Member FDIC. Certain additional terms and conditions may apply. Services available only to FirstBank business customers. Smart Cash Management Solutions services are subject to charges and subscription of additional services. Customers must have accounts with FirstBank and be registered in the Smart Cash Management service. 1The client must request the service when contracting the Business Digital Banking services. There is no additional cost for this service. 2Applies to transactions processed before 5:00PM. After this time, transactions are processed the next day. 3All stop payments received before 5:00PM are sent for immediate processing and are effective the next day.