Smart Check

Deposit your checks remotely without having to visit the bank.

Smart Check is a service that allows you to deposit your checks from anywhere and at any time. You don't have to leave the office to make deposits. Electronically scan and process the checks you receive into your account.


  • You can make deposits 24/7, without having to visit the bank.
  • Save time and money
  • Increase your business cash flow
  • Speed up the identification of bounced checks
  • Reduce costs and improve operational processes
  • Consolidate the deposits of all your commercial locations

Smart Cash

Make cash deposits from your locations in a quick and convenient way.

With Smart Cash, you can make cash deposits from the comfort of your office through a security vault that allows your money to be processed and registered as an automatic deposit, which brings you flexibility and security. This service requires additional contracting with a transportation company that withdraws the funds from the vault at least twice a week.


  • Speedy cash processing
  • Save in transportation
  • Reduce the risk of discrepancies
  • Provide detailed reports of depositors and daily balancing (per store and employee)
  • Prevent fraud and theft

Night Depository

Forget about the bank's closing hours and deposit your checks and cash anytime.

With the Night Depository service, you can deposit in the drop box at any of our branches at any time during the night and have the funds available in your account the next business day.


  • Avoid lines in the bank
  • Special lock bags for greater security
  • Deposit cash and checks at any time
  • Avoid having to carry large amounts of cash on hand
  • Deposits will be made during the morning of the following business day.

Money Counting

Money Counting provides the advantage of daily receipt and processing your business cash and check deposits through the service of armored trucks hired by your company. When set up under this service, your company may make operational cash requests through recurrent instructions or the Web Cash Ordering system. Both channels will allow you to maintain control of all the orders processed per location, as well as to speed up the disbursement process.


  • Greater control of cash deposits and orders
  • Visibility of processes per location
  • It helps you decrease potential fraud cases while maximizing your operations.
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Member FDIC. Certain additional terms and conditions may apply. Services available only to FirstBank business customers. Smart Cash Management Solutions services are subject to charges and subscription of additional services. Customers must have accounts with FirstBank and be registered in the Smart Cash Management service.