Positive Pay & Teller Positive Pay

Keep control of the checks to be paid from your account.

They are fraud prevention tools that help you detect altered and forged checks proactively. Positive Pay electronically matches the account number, check number, and the amount of money in dollars (name of the beneficiary of the check) of each check presented for collection through the Clearing House against the list of checks issued daily through the Business Digital Banking platform. Any discrepancies are filed as exceptions pending your decision to pay or return by 11:00AM. In addition, Teller Positive Pay helps you instantly detect any fraudulent check, presented for collection, through our branch network, which mitigates your disbursement risk and helps you avoid impacting your disbursement account.


  • Greater disbursement control
  • Decide which check must be paid
  • Avoids cashing of unauthorized, stolen, or duplicate checks
  • Automates your check reconciliation process

ACH Positive Pay

Avoids unauthorized debits from your account.

Through ACH Positive Pay, you decide which ACH debits enter your account, as you have the option to reject or pay any ACH debit presented as an exception.


  • Avoids unauthorized ACH Debits
  • Avoids unauthorized ACH Debits
  • Greater control of your debits

ACH Block

ACH Block allows you to block your accounts from being affected by any ACH-generated electronic transactions while enabling you to define specific companies that can debit from your account.


  • Greater debit control
  • Efficient accounting processes
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