Point of Sales (POS) Terminals

Simplify operations in your company by installing POS terminals that accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and debit cards. Adapting to your client's availability will stimulate their satisfaction and your revenues.


  • Electronic transaction authorization.
  • Revenues are automatically deposited to your checking account.
  • Accessible for commercial establishments since they can be installed at several points in your store.
  • Fund availability within 24 hours.
  • Reduces the possibility of fraud and theft.
  • Reduces check management costs.
  • Monthly statements with detailed transactions.
  • Technical support available 24 hours, 7 days a week by phone.
  • EMV, Contactless, and Mobile Wallets
  • Online portal to monitor POS terminal activity and generate reports.
  • Connectivity options: analogous, IP, wireless (Dual), WiFi, mobile

Subject to monthly lease fees per type of equipment, service fees, and brand processing fees.

Smart Terminals

Smart POS terminals that help merchants manage their business. Different options for PVOT cash registers and POYNT terminals to cover your establishment's needs.


  • Accepts cash, ATH PIN debit, credit cards, EMV/Chip, contactless, and EBT
  • Send sales receipts via email and text
  • Barcode scanning
  • Signature Capture
  • Reports on transactions, orders, settlements, taxes, and items. Reports on transactions, orders, settlements, taxes, and items.
  • Variable item prices
  • Product modifiers
  • Discounts & fees
  • Bulk product import to register application
  • Employee management and permissions in the terminal
  • App store to expand terminal functionality via apps

ATH Business

Receive payments from your clients in your commercial account, at any time and any place, with the convenience and security of ATH Business. You will obtain a unique pATH or name to identify your business in ATH Móvil, so that your clients can pay you.

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Requires a single-signature commercial account and ATH debit card. Subject to a fixed rate per transaction.

ATH Móvil QR Code

Accept ATH Móvil as a payment method in your POS. Clients can scan a unique QR Code for your business and use it to pay through the app. This code is paired with your POS terminal, and once the payment is completed, the client will receive the purchase receipt via email.

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Receive online payments safely

Our service provides the ability to process online transactions or connectivity to ecommerce solutions to authorize online payments.

Checkout is an online payment solution that allows merchants to accept electronic payments easily, through a website for credit cards, debit cards (including ATH® PIN debit card, the most widely used card in Puerto Rico), checking and savings accounts through the ACH network, as well as quick payment wallets.


  • Provides the highest security standards and complies with all the electronic payment rules and regulations, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Two integration methods:
    • Web Checkout
    • Direct Connection (H2H)
  • Virtual PIN Pad
  • Supports PC & Mobile Browsers
  • Email Payment Confirmation

Gateway Services

Provides the ability to integrate and establish connectivity with various partner payment platforms.

  • Provides the Merchant the opportunity to connect their transactional business solution with FirstBank processor.

Subject to implementation, service, and brand fees. Gateway services will depend in compatibility with merchant’s solution.


Payment request web application that enables the merchant to create invoices anytime and anywhere.

  • Individual or group payment requests
  • Invoice history
  • Forward previous requests
  • Generates payment button for websites
  • Links user directly to the customer checkout page with payment information filled out
  • Available for Android and IOs
  • Sends invoices by email or text message
  • Receives payments 24 hours a day
  • Accepts online and debit payments with PIN
  • Web or app version available

Transaction Central

Through this solution, the merchant has the option to contract the following services:

Recurring payments solution automates the process of collection that is performed periodically.

  • Customer authorizes Merchant to charge a credit card or bank account for a predetermined amount for a determined time.
  • Instead of processing transactions manually, Merchant configures a recurring payment that will be process automatically.
  • Automated notifications of payment reminder (7days), completed or decline
  • Payment receipt delivery by email
  • Import, Export Database options
  • PCI Compliant
  • Settlement Dr & Cr Cards 11:00pm
  • Settlement ACH 3:00pm
  • Dashboard Capabilities
  • Multiuser
  • Schedule and single payment process
  • Two years Transaction History

Option of enabling batch payments transactions simplifying the processing of payments with different amounts.

  • Permits processing a file with multiple payments of various amounts in a single transaction.
  • Ideal for pre-authorized payments under frequent billing recurrence.
  • Processes credit card and ACH transactions.

Virtual terminal is a web application to process payments online through any web browser. Accepts credit card and ACH payments.

  • Taxes, tips, and security validation (CVV) can be configured.
  • Customer data base capability available to maintain demographic information and of payments.
  • Manages refunds
  • Activity Reports

Call Center Pay

Make your clients' lives easier.

Receive telephone payments with Call Center Pay, a web app developed to process credit card and ACH deposit payments; capable of managing unlimited users.

With Call Center Pay, the funds are deposited automatically to the merchants' bank accounts, providing them access to their payment history reports.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) Pay

IVR allows the merchant’s customers to make their payments via phone call by interacting with an automated voice system.

  • With this option, merchant does not have to invest in their own equipment or infrastructure because the system resides at Evertec's facilities.

Allows merchant to process the following payment types:

  • ACH payments using a personal or commercial checking or savings account from banking institutions in Puerto Rico or the United States participating in the ACH network.
  • Payments with VISA, MasterCard, or American Express debit or credit cards. These transactions are processed in real time after receiving online authorization.

Features and benefits:

  • Call handling with pre - recorded messages
  • Command confirmation via the telephone touch tones
  • 24X7 Availability
  • Can be implemented in two modalities
    • – Outsource - Using EVERTEC’s server infrastructure and script
    • – H2H - Implementing EVERTEC’s Web Service using the customer’s or financial institutions hardware and script


The kiosks are designed specifically to be installed in commercial offices or branches.

  • Handles cash, checks, credit, and debit card collection services.
  • Allow for easy development of invoice payment and guided sales applications to achieve operational efficiency and improve customer service, in turn leading to higher revenues and profitability

Some of the payment kiosks features are:

  • Search payoff balance online
  • Interactive promotional video
  • Personalize branding
  • Semi-integrated pin pad
  • Check scanner
  • Receipt printer (also available thru SMS or e-mail)
Call our First Commercial Service Center, Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m.to 5:30 p.m.

Activate services or receive a quote free of charge.

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Member FDIC for Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) only. ATH Business is subject to the terms and conditions established by FirstBank. To use ATH Business, you must be the owner or authorized representative of a business authorized to operate in Puerto Rico, be at least 18 years old, and be a legal resident of Puerto Rico. The user is also required to have an ATH debit card issued by a participating financial institution, a valid email address, and a device. A 2.25% service fee applies to every payment received, with a minimum of $0.06 per received payment. A person may send a maximum of $1,500.00 per day. A merchant may receive a maximum of $10,000.00 per day. Other transfer fees may apply. Download the ATH Business app to sign in and review the service terms and conditions and a list of participating institutions. ATH Business is a service of the ATH Network from EVERTEC Group, LLC.