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How to access Business Digital Banking

Learn how to access your account through Business Digital Banking and the methods to approve transactions.

Access the platform

  • Enter your Company ID and User ID.
  • Click Continue then click Continue with Security Code to receive your security code via text message or phone call.
  • If you select "phone call", choose the number in which you wish to receive the call.
  • Press the number one and enter the code on the screen.
  • Click Phone Call Completed after the system accepts the code.
  • Then, enter the temporary password that was sent to your email.
  • Click Sign In and create a new password.

Approve Transactions via Token or Out of Band Authentication (OOBA)

To configure your Token:

  • Access Self Administration under Administration.
  • Select Secure Token Setup.
  • Enter the numbers that are provided by your Token by pressing the button on the device.
  • Enter a 4–6-digit PIN of your choice.
  • A confirmation message will appear indicating that you have successfully set up your token.
  • You can now approve ACH and Wire transfers.


  • When sending a transfer choose between receiving a code by phone call or text message.
  • If you choose to receive a phone call, press 1 when receiving the call and enter the code on the screen.
  • Click Phone Call Completed once the system accepts the code.
  • Your transaction will be approved automatically once you enter the code.

Mobile Smart Check

With Business Digital Banking, you can deposit money 24/7 from anywhere.

  • Download the Business Digital Banking app.
  • Call 787-729-8290 (option 2) and request Mobile Smart Check.
  • Once the service is activated, sign the check and write "For Mobile Deposit Only."
  • Take a photo of both sides of the check.
  • Select the account and validate the amount.
  • You will receive a confirmation once you approve the deposit.

Reports and Account Management in Business Digital Banking

Learn how to access your deposit reports, review available documents, alerts and more.

Transaction reports

  • Access Deposit Account Reporting or Deposit Report under Reports.
  • Select the Output option of your choice (you can request Quicken and Quickbooks activation).
  • Select the account you wish to review.
  • Select the date or time range.
  • (Optional) Perform a more specific search through Show Advanced Option.
  • Click Search for an overview of your account activity.
  • You can print or download your report.

Account Management

  • Access Communications under Administration.
  • Documents available under Forms and Documents.
  • You can manage alerts and change your password under Manage Alerts.

How to make transfers in Business 
Digital Banking

Learn about the types of commercial payments and transfers you can make through Business Digital Banking, as well as the processes for each one.

There are three types of commercial payments and transfers

Book Transfers

  • Access Transfer Money under Money Movement.
  • Choose which account you want to debit, then which account you want to credit.
  • Indicate the amount to be transferred, then click Continue and then Transmit.

Wire Transfers

  • Access Wire under Money Movement.
  • Select the type of transfer, account, transfer date, amount and currency.
  • Enter the exact beneficiary information and purpose of the transfer.
  • After pressing Continue, you will have to approve the transaction, then you will receive a confirmation.


  • Access ACH under Money Movement.
  • Select the Create a template option and define the type of ACH.
  • Input the maximum amount to be transferred and the information of the recipient.
  • Then, click Save Template.
  • Select Send Money Using this Template or choose another template that has already been created.
  • Determine the effective date or frequency of the transaction and validate the information.

Stop Payment

  • Access Stop Payment under Money Movement.
  • Fill in the information of the check you would like to cancel
  • Click Continue
  • Then click Submit Request
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