Cashflow Lending Transactions

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Corporate Banking Financing Cashflow Lending Transactions

​​​​​​It takes money to make money. Let yours work for you.​

Gain the working capital your company needs using its expected cash flow as a collateral for the loan. If you’re experiencing an accelerated business growth, where it may be difficult to get access ​to the required funds to finance your expansion, we can help you with:

Accelerated cash flow:
Maximize your cash flow and optimize your receivables performance with our tailored services.

Funding at your pace:
Given that cash flow lending is directly linked to your accounts, you could receive more funding as your business keeps growing.

Protection for your investment:
Our team of experts implement and oversee rigorous financing procedures to reduce your risk.

Structured financing:
A competitive credit package liberates you from obtaining different financing alternatives for each company need.

Short-term satisfaction:
In a 2 to 3-year term.


  • Working capital

  • Accelerated growth

  • Recapitalization

  • Seasonal sales

  • Merger and acquisition

  • Shares purchase​​​​

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Subject to credit approval.

Subject to credit approval.