Protect yourself
against fraud

Call us at 787-725-2511 if you suspect of
any fraudulent activity.


We teach you about the latest forms of fraud so that you can stay alert and know how to protect yourself. Reduce the risk of being a victim by taking the necessary actions. We work every day to protect you. #DoubleCheck fraud!

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Financial exploitation of people with disabilities or the elderly
ATH Móvil

Fraud can also happen through transfer platforms like ATH Móvil, learn how you can be exposed.

  • If you get a call asking for personal information claiming to be from the ATH Móvil call center, please ignore and report it as fraud.
  • We’ll never ask for personal information or any other sensitive information through calls, text messages, social media or direct message.
  • During fraud attempts, they may ask you for: passwords, phone numbers, account data, financial details or other sensitive information.
  • Only use ATH Móvil from your personal devices through the iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Never reveal your ATH Móvil validation code to anyone, or through a website.
  • Never trust calls or messages informing you that you just won a prize.
  • Don’t respond to phone numbers you don’t recognize. Fraudsters tend to use area codes such as 866, 877 or 888.
  • To report fraud you can call:

    División de Crímenes Cibernéticos (Cyber Crime Unit)

    787-793-1234 Ext. 2488

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)


    Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


ATH Móvil is an ATH Network service from EVERTEC Group, LLC.​​ ​​​​​