Your lifestyle
deserves Platinum

Combined checking and savings account that offers the best benefits and lowest fees. Enjoy exclusive private banking services, FirstBank Platinum, and access to unique experiences for customers who expect the best. As a Platinum customer you will have access to a team of professionals who will take care of all your banking needs.

Treat yourself to a Platinum life:

How to open the account?

1) You may contact us at:

  1. FirstBank Platinum Branch

  2. FirstLine Solutions Center for Platinum customers at 787-281-2003 or toll free at

  3. Email:

2) Make sure to bring all the required ID documents

3) Open your PLATINUM account with a minimum deposit of $1,500

Access the Disclosure of Applicable Rates, Terms and Fees for detailed information on fees and how to avoid them. Find the Account Agreements and/or Disclosures here.

Compare our Preferente and Platinum accounts.