Visa Infinite Debit Card

Some of its advantages include:

  • Access to benefits, promotions, and exclusive discounts through the Visa Infinite benefits portal.

  • Exclusive services for travelers such as: Visa Airport Companion and Visa Digital Concierge.

  • Worldwide Visa recognition. Accepted at ATMs and businesses in Puerto Rico and around the world1 that are members of our ATH® and Visa networks.

  • Chip technology for enhanced security in points of sale and ATMs that use this technology.

  • Make online purchases, book flight tickets and hotel stays, rent vehicles and much more.

  • Enjoy the convenience of making payments and transfers through the ATH Móvil2 service.

  • Use it, free of charge for FirstBank customers, at over 325 of our ATMs all around Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Tortola, and Florida.

  • Verify and monitor your transactions instantly through Digital Banking.

  • Receive fraud alerts by text or email if suspicious transactions are detected3.