Personal Loans

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Financing alternatives to help you get by.​​​​

Count on us to give you a hand by solving any issue with a personal loan. We have two financing options that are sure to help you out.​

Personal Loan without collateral

  • Loans from $1,500 to $25,000

  • Payment Protection Plan1

    • Personal Loan Life Insurance

    • ​Personal Loan Disability Insurance

    • Personal Loan Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

Cash Collateral Personal Loan

If you’re already one of our customers, you could obtain a Personal Loan using a Certificate of Deposit2 as collateral.​

Subject to credit approval. Other terms and conditions may apply. 1 Insurance products are not deposits, not FDIC insured, not insured by other federal government agencies, not guaranteed by FirstBank or any of its subsidiaries and may lose value. Subscribing this insurance is optional and not a condition for credit approval. FirstBank will not condition the approval of the extension of credit on any agreement by the consumer to refrain from obtaining insurance products or annuities from entities that are not affiliated to the depository institution. We will not reject the insurance submitted by the consumer related to the extension of credit if such insurance complies with our requirements or standards with regards to coverage, financial solidity, and the services provided by the insurer. 2 The maximum disbursement is up to 90% of the available balance in the certificate of deposit. While the loan is effective, the amount in the certificate of deposit account will not be available for withdrawal. The term of the loan will not exceed the term of the certificate of deposit until the cancellation of the loan.