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Enjoy how easy it is to send and receive money with ATH Móvil

With ATH Móvil you have the convenience of sending and receiving transfers from person to person or between accounts-conveniently at anytime.

telephone photo ath móvil app
telephone photo ath móvil

To enroll in this service:

  • Download the ATH Movil app or visit to register
  • Register with your mobile number, your ATH or Visa Debit Card and a savings or checking account from FirstBank.
  • The receiver has to be enrolled in the ATH Movil service and the receiving bank has to be a participating institution. For a list of the participating institutions, please click here.
  • Access your Digital Banking account to validate the transaction once completed.

Download the application today.

Subject to terms and conditions. To use ATH Móvil, the owners of both the receiving and the issuing accounts need to be enrolled in the service. To enroll, you must have an active debit card with a participating ATH Móvil financial institution. Some transfer fees may apply. Please visit to enroll and view the terms and conditions of service and the list of participating institutions. ATH Móvil is a service of the ATH Network from EVERTEC Group.
icon Routing number: 221571473
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