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​​​​​​​​​Corporate Social Responsibility

“Together we are one,” this is the cornerstone of our organization. Dedicated to improving the quality of life for low-to-moderate-income individuals across Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Florida, First BanCorp believes that a successful society depends upon everyone’s effort and participation. We are committed to fostering innovative social, economic and environmental changes in the communities we serve. As such, we partner with non-profit organizations, associations, and public and private agencies that share the same focus.

In neighborhoods where First BanCorp has a retail bank presence, we promote healthy communities through employee volunteerism, financial services and grants. Our outreach to communities and community organizations, along with our commitment to our customers, serves to make a difference in the stability and growth of the neighborhoods in which we ourselves live and work. Our commitment to improve the quality of life of our customers and neighbourhoods resonates through our motto “Together we are one”.

Community Investment and Development Fund

As part of our commitment, we have developed the Community Investment and Development Fund (CIDF). The CIDF focuses on two areas of investment: the Community Reinvestment Program and the Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Community Reinvestment Program

This program focuses exclusively on initiatives that comply with the Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”) requirements. Serving low-to-moderate-income individuals, families, and communities in the areas where we do business, the program provides support to projects and initiatives developed and managed by non-profit organizations, or by a partnership between non-profit, the private and the public sector.

The areas of interest are:

  • Education and Financial Literacy

  • Housing and Economic Development

  • Community and Social Development

  • Environment and Community Revitalization

​Corporate Social Responsibility Program

This program focuses on initiatives that will benefit the areas we serve, while enhancing our presence in the community at large. In order to do so, we seek to partner with organizations involved in the following areas of interest (although we are not limited to these):

  • Arts and Cultural Events

  • Tournaments and Sports Events

  • Research and Education

How to Apply

Requests for CIDF funding are based on the specific program criteria. You must complete our Grant Application Form, which you’ll find in this link, and send it by regular mail or deliver it to any of our branches.

The Compliance Department will receive applications for the Community Reinvestment Program, and the Department of Marketing and Public Relations will receive applications for the Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Applications must be sent by regular mail to:​

Blanca K. Langer
Vice President of Marketing
800 Waterford Way, Suite 800
Miami, Florida 33126

MyMoney Program 

My money Logo

The My Money Program, created by the Florida Department of Financial Services, is a comprehensive and inclusive financial literacy program and resource clearinghouse for individuals with developmental disabilities, their family members and caregivers. Learn more

Think First, Think Green Program 

Logo Uno con el Ambiente (​Think First, Think Green)​

We believe that protecting the environment is essential to ensure that future generations enjoy a planet rich in natural resources. All of us can restore the health of our environment through the education and practice of eco-friendly actions on a daily basis.

In order to promote the care and protection of our natural resources, encourage community cooperation and sustainable economic development, we created our Think First, Think Green program that aims to become a tool for raising awareness and helping out the environment.

  • If you consciously turn off the faucet, when you brush your teeth​…

  • If you choose to bike or take public transportation to work, simply because you know it will benefit the planet…

  • If you make the extra effort to turn off the lights before you leave the room…

Then you are a hero to us!

​Our Think First, Think Green Program promotes small actions that create big changes when put together. We take action by:

  • Participating in educational programs.

  • Partnering with non-profit organizations, such as The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico and Fundación Amigos de El Yunque.

  • Providing tips on how any action can make a long-term difference.

Future generations deserve to benefit from the environment we enjoy on a daily basis. Together we can make it happen. Let’s start today. We invite you to browse the pages of the environmental section of our site and join us in caring and helping our planet. Visit www.firstbankpr.com/ambiente.​

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