First Bank's Guide for the Use of Social Networks

Help Center Guides for the Use of Social Networks

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are committed to treat all of our customers as if the Bank was theirs.

To do this, we have to actively participate in social media to provide them with alternate communication chann​​els. We are active in the following: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.​​

All comments made on FirstBank’s pages or profiles in social media will be monitored for inappropriate content. FirstBank will not be responsible for any third party comments made in any social media where the Bank participates. We want to hear from you, so we will not censor any comments that meet the communities’ usage guidelines.

What type of conversations or comments will be removed?

  • Slanderous, offensive or denigrating statements directed towards a customer or a FirstBank employee.

  • Personal or confidential information​

  • Indecent or malicious remarks

  • Comments that are intended to sell a product or service

  • Promotions of any Facebook page not authorized by FirstBank

  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted material​

  • Duplicated messages or comments

Any user that does not comply with these guidelines can be banned from our pages without prior warning. We remind you that by using or accessing any social media site, you agree to abide by the sites’ terms and conditions.

We will not attend any service request or claim made through social media. To provide the best experience, we encourage you to contact our FirstLine Solutions Center at 787-725-2511, or toll-free from the Island at 1-866-695-2511. Available seven days a week, from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

In order to maintain effective communications, FirstBank does not endorse any comments made by its employees, unless they are made by an authorized representative of the Bank. Additionally, the Bank will not validate any affirmations or prospective declarations in any comments. All comments and opinions expressed are strictly of the user that makes them and do not constitute an official FirstBank position, unless they are written by an authorized representative of the Bank or an expert acting as an authorized representative.

If you have any questions or concerns about these guides or the use of our social media, please write to marketing@firstbankpr.com.​​​

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