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Personal Mortgages Documents and Requirements

​​​Required Documents

​​​​​​Generally, most banks require documentation that allows them to assess your ability to repay a loan and thereby establish the amount you can be lent. To expedite your loan application, we've prepared a list of the primary documents required for most types of mortgage loan application:

  • Copy of the Sales Purchase Agreement

  • Copy of the Mortgage Deed 
(when refinancing)

  • Recent pay stubs (last 30 days), 
if you are employed

  • Tax returns or financial statements for the last two years, if you have your own business

  • Evidence of your earnings, included in the Application

  • Copy of two pieces of official identification for each applicant

  • Evidence of the source of the funds that will be used for the down payment

  • Divorce judgment and any stipulations, if applicable

  • Copy of the rental contract, for rental properties

  • Explanation Letter, if you have had any credit issues or if your credit history reflects problems​​​​​


For a complete list, click here to download our Required Document Checklist.​​​​​​​

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