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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to actively promoting the well-being and improving the quality of life of the communities we serve through partnerships, empowerment initiatives, educational programs, financial services, and corporate giving.


For Our Customers

6,000+ loans

granted under the Payroll Protection Program implemented by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

$3,800 million

of our total portfolio of individual and commercial customers affected by COVID-19 received support through the deferment program.

$244 million

in loan modifications pursuant to the Cares Act for industries with longer recovery expectations due to COVID-19.

23 businesses

received support through loans exceeding $184.4 million under the Mainstreet Lending Program.




Donations granted during 2020.

Approximately $1 million

donated to support more than 130 non-profit organizations in our three regions.


donated to 12 non-profit organizations to support relief efforts following the earthquakes in Puerto Rico.


donated to 15 non-profit organizations to support relief efforts in light of COVID-19.


donated to 30 non-profit organizations through relief initiatives during the Christmas season, including Puerto Rico Está en Uno, One with Virgin Islands, and One with Florida.


donated to Fundación Amigos del Yunque.


trees planted throughout Puerto Rico as part of our Crece Verde initiative.

Organizations that received support under the giving program in our three regions during 2020:

$497 million granted through 115 Community Development loans in all our regions.

18 of our executive officers were part of the boards of directors of 12 non-profit organizations, offering support, financial education, educational services, and more.

150 financial literacy activities held throughout all our regions to help more than 2,503 people of all ages hone their financial skills.


1Éxito Program in partnership with INprende to promote entrepreneurship. In 2021, we provided virtual workshops to support businesses facing the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Official bank of the Puerto Rico Chapter of the Entrepreneurs & Owners Organization, offering support through expert consulting, workshops, and financial alternatives.

More than $150,000 in support given to Grupo Guayacán for the past six years to provide new businesses with access to workshops, mentoring, and startup capital without guaranty requirements.

Think First, Think Green


We believe that protecting the environment is crucial to ensuring that future generations enjoy a planet with abundant natural resources. We can all help restore the health of our environment through education and by implementing eco-friendly practices in our daily lives.

With the goal of fostering the care and protection of our natural resources, and encouraging community cooperation and sustainable economic development, we created our Think First, Think Green program, which seeks to become a key component in raising environmental awareness and collaboration.

Our Think First, Think Green program promotes small actions that lead to big changes if everyone chips in.

We take action by:

  • supporting educational programs for the protection and care of our natural resources, and

  • establishing partnerships with non-profit organizations that promote environmental awareness.

Future generations deserve to enjoy the environment that we get to enjoy today. Together we can make it happen.

We have also contributed by:

  • safely recycling and shredding 1 million pounds of paper, and

  • recycling 35,000 pounds of electronic and mobile equipment through the Dona tu Celu program, which has recycled more than 13,500 mobile devices, chargers, and accessories in the past six years.

Our People

Approximately 6,000 pounds of food and personal-care items delivered to the people affected by the 2020 earthquakes in the southwestern region of Puerto Rico.

More than 360 employees helped in 2020 through the Employee Assistance Program, aimed at achieving wellness and better health.

Development of support procedures for remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

$1.4 million in supplementary compensation invested in front-line employees providing in-person services to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

$1.2 million invested in wage increases for several positions.

More than 2,000 COVID-19 tests provided to our in-person employees.

Paid leave provided to employees affected by the coronavirus and medically vulnerable employees.

$5.4 million invested in cleaning and safety protocols.

More than 118,000 hours of training on safety measures, stress management, and remote work related to COVID-19, as well as workshops on leadership, compliance, and basic financial principles offered to more than 3,600 officers in our three regions.

Community Investment and Development Fund

As part of our commitment, we have developed the Community Investment and Development Fund (CIDF). The CIDF focuses on two areas of investment: the Community Reinvestment Program and the Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Community Reinvestment Program
Community Reinvestment Program

The Community Reinvestment Program focuses exclusively on initiatives that meet the requirements of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). The Program aims to serve low- or moderate-income individuals, families, and communities in our areas of operation. Our priority under this program is to contribute to projects and initiatives that are developed and managed by non-profit organizations, or through partnerships between the public and private sectors and non-profit organizations.

Under the program, the areas of interest are:

  • Financial education and knowledge

  • Housing and economic development

  • Social and community development

  • Revitalization of the environment and the community

How to Apply

We will accept CDIF financing applications based on program criteria. Follow the link provided below to complete the Donation Application and send it to:

Community Reinvestment Program

Alana Alexander
P.O. Box 309600
St. Thomas, VI 00803-9600

icon Routing number: 221571473
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