If you have started an application and would like to complete it, go to your applications.

If you have started an application and would like to complete it, go to your applications.


  • Must be a resident of the U.S. Virgin Islands or British Virgin Islands 

  • Must be 18 years of age 

How to Apply

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Personal loans without collateral:
  • Personal loans without collateral: 

  • Loans from $1,500 to $25,000 

  • Options for individuals looking to establish credit 

  • $0 origination fees 

  • Flexible repayment terms from 12 months to 60 months 

  • Discounts available after opening a checking account and/or Easy Pay 

  • Same day credit decision & disbursement (USVI) 1

  • Payment Protection Plan USVI3

Personal loans with collateral:

Use as collateral up to 100% of the amount available in your savings account or Certificate of Deposit up to $300,000

  • Personal loans from $2,500 to $300,000

  • $0 origination fees 

  • Minimal paperwork requirements

  • Flexible repayment terms up to 84 months  (If a CD is used to secure the loan, the loan term will be based on the CD term)

  • Same day credit decision & disbursement (USVI) 

Personal Loans make your plans a reality

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  • Debt consolidation

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  • Establish credit

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  • Cover Medical expenses 

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  •  Pay Tuition 

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  • Make home repairs


Ready to apply?

Have the following information available before applying.


  • Two (2) valid picture identifications 

  • Two (2) recent check stubs (if paid bi-weekly) or Four (4) recent check stubs (if paid weekly) 

  • Social security statements (if applicable) 

  • Job Letter on Company Letterhead 

  • Two (2) years 1040 tax returns (Stamped and Signed) if self- employed

  • Copies of current lease 

  • 2-3 months of bank statements 

  • Verification of physical & mailing address (light bill, phone bill, cable bill, vehicle registration, lease agreement, rent receipt etc). 

Additional documents might be required. 


  • Two (2) valid picture identifications 

  • Certificate of Earnings from Inland Revenue Department (self-employed) 

  • Rental Income verification 

  • One (1) recent check stub monthly 

  • Three (3) recent bank statements 

  • Social security statements (if applicable) 

  • Job Letter on Company Letterhead 

  • Copies of current lease 

  • Verification of physical & mailing  address (light bill, phone bill, cable bill, vehicle registration, lease agreement, rent receipt etc). 

Additional documents might be required. 

You can apply anywhere.

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Contact Us (USVI) 
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Online Application (USVI) 
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Branch (USVI + BVI) 
If you have any questions or want to learn more about our online applications, visit our FAQs.

USVI clients:

  • Apply online at Online Sales, call us at 340-776-5626 or visit the nearest FirstBank branch 


BVI clients: 

  • Please visit the Road Town Branch and speak with a Customer service representative 

In the USVI, your credit is verified at the time you submit your application. In the BVI, credit checks can take up to 5 business days. 

Yes, loans are available up to $2,500 for those individuals that are looking to establish credit.  For more information, please visit your nearest branch and speak with a customer service representative. 

No, there is no application fee. 

Payment protection plans are provided for personal loans. It is a policy designed to help consumers pay off their debts over a fixed, short-term period. It provides coverage for accidents and sickness. 

Yes, you can conveniently manage your personal loan, make payments and schedule auto payments online through Digital Banking. You must be registered with Digital Baking.

Your income can be from your job, alimony, retirement, pension, commission, rental income, self-employment or professional services. You must have evidence of your income available.  


The documents may vary depending on your type of income and the information the loan officer requires.  

You may receive a response the same day if your application is received during business hours before 1:00 pm. Same-day disbursement is subject to branch hours and the submission of all required documents. 

The APR is determined with the information included in your application and the credit score calculated by the credit reporting agency.

Collateral is used as a guarantee for a personal loan. You can use a Certificate of Deposit or a savings account from FirstBank as collateral.

Yes. Completing an online application is safe and fast.

1Applies to applications received and approved before 1:00 PM on the same day of the application, and after the documents required by the bank are submitted. 2You may receive a discount of 1% APR off the approved interest rate after applying for the loan if you open a new checking account with FirstBank and enroll in the direct payment service. Loan approval is not conditional to opening a deposit account. 3Insurance products are not bank deposits, are not insured by the FDIC nor any federal government agency, are not guaranteed by First Bank, and may diminish in value. Acquiring this insurance is optional and not a condition for credit approval. Credit approval will not be conditioned to the purchase of an insurance or annuity from the Institution or one of its affiliates nor to your agreement to refrain, or our prohibition, from obtaining insurance products or annuities from non-affiliated institutions. We will not reject your selected insurance if it meets our requirements and standards regarding coverage, financial soundness, and insurer-provided services. 4Loan term is subject to the loan amount requested.


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